Goldstream Variations Solo Version, vibraphone, machine learning, and electronics

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 10.01.07 PMComposed and performed by Scott Deal, Goldstream Variations (2012) creates an interconnected system through live music, electronics, and machine learning algorithms. The variations are scored for one to seven musicians on undetermined acoustic instruments, together with electronic/computer artists. The selection of this grouping shapes the aural nature of performance space through the arrangement of performers and loudspeakers. Each page of the score constitutes one variation which is performed in heterophonic fashion as an ensemble. The acoustic musician’s performances are engaged by various computer artists. The variations are designed for performance in either a single physical space, or distributed telematically between multiple sites on high-bandwidth Internet. Machine learning is incorporated into the design of the work via the *ml application developed by Ben Smith. This software is “trained” with a library of motifs from the score. View this performance.