“Nimbus” a new CD release from Gina Biver

Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 3.19.50 PMI’m honored to perform on Gina Biver’s new CD, “Nimbus”, and participate in the world premiere concerts in Washington DC.  Nimbus is an artistic collaboration between composer Gina Biver and poet Colette Inez that allows the listener a glance into the early life of Ms. Inez, the lovechild of a Roman Catholic priest and the young French scholar assigned to assist him. The music of Nimbus is a set of seven miniatures for electroacoustic chamber ensemble, spoken word and soprano voice. Several audio recordings made by the composer at Ms. Inez’s apartment in New York present the beautiful aging voice of Ms. Inez as she reads her poems; others are sung by soprano Tula Pisano or read by the composer. Ambient audio recordings of church bells, children, city sounds and the interiors of churches were captured live in the town of Nérac, France and its environs in August 2018 by the composer.

Neuma Records Website Page for Nimbus